Joshua Griffin


I received my B.S. in Engineering (2003) from LeTourneau University and my MSECE (2005) and PhD (2009) from The Georgia Institute of Technology. While a graduate student, I was a member of The Propagation Group and advised by Dr. Gregory Durgin.

In 2009, I joined Disney Research, Pittsburgh as a postdoctoral researcher and in 2010 transitioned to a Research Scientist position. While at Disney Research, I have had the privilege of working with researchers at Carnegie Mellon University as well as co-teaching a capstone design course.

Research Interests

My research interests fall in the area of applied electromagnetics and include backscatter radio and radio frequency identification (RFID), UHF and microwave propagation, and radiolocation. My first project in this area, which was completed for my MSECE degree, was a study of RFID tag antenna gain when attached to common conductive and dielectric materials. My PhD work focused on multipath fading for backscatter channels -- i.e., the communication channel in which a backscatter RFID tag operates. I derived new fading probability distribution functions (PDFs) and designed a microwave testbed to verify the distributions experimentally. I currently work on radiolocation and RFID for Disney Research.

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Joshua Griffin